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3 Critical Targeting Lessons for Startups

This is a guest post from Dustin Heap of

Startups are inherently challenging. Armed with a million-dollar idea, entrepreneurs far and wide wear many different hats, face stiff competition, and try and bootstrap their way to success. With anywhere from 30% to 75% of startups failing the margin for error is miniscule.

Keeping the following targeting lessons in mind is critical to avoiding startup failure.

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How to Start Creating Three Times More Content without Killing Yourself

One of the most powerful marketing tools in the hands of an early-stage entrepreneur is content.

It can help you connect with your users in meaningful ways. It can get you on Google's radar. It's cheap. And the best part — you can do it yourself.

But, of course, it's not all rainbows and unicorns. Creating great content takes a shitload of time. And time is the one resource that we as founders have so little of.

That's why I wanted to share with you a useful technique that will help you create 2–3 times more content without spending too much extra time or money on it.

I call this Content Morphing.

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5 Essential White Hat SEO Techniques for Startups

This post is by Aurora Johnson of Custard.

Kick-starting a business is not an easy task. Before you even begin earning revenue, you need to set out your business plan, get funding and build your product, along with many other essential tasks.

In order to increase your projected revenue, you’ll also need an excellent marketing plan that will give you access to the right audience. Implementing SEO in your website design will help you to gain a higher level of visibility and you should also see a spike in traffic thanks to it.

But what’s the best way to do this for a startup? Your SEO techniques should be as white hat as possible, rather than dipping into the murky underworld of black hat tricks that produce instant yet damaging results.

If you’re in the process of implementing an SEO plan for your startup business, make use of these five white hat techniques.

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Stop Browsing TechCrunch. Get Involved in Your Startup Community.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to get a few beers with a friend of mine. He's working for a big corporation, but over the last year has become really interested in startups.

In his spare time, he's reading TechCrunch, watching This Week in Startups, and day dreaming about starting a business of his own.

But the thing is, he isn't quite ready to make the big leap yet.

For now, he just wants to meet new people, learn about their experiences… and yet he's not really doing this…

Does this sound like someone you know? What about yourself?

I've heard this story so many times before, and I'm tired of explaining how easy it is to participate. I had to write this post.

Why? Because here's a CRAZY THOUGHT!

What if all these passive observers stop surfing the Web and actually get involved in their local startup communities? Wouldn't that be awesome?

I believe that the world would become a much better place.

So if it's you who needs this — read on! And if it's someone you know — send them here!

Because here are the five easy-as-hell ways to get started.

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Complete Guide to Creating a Customer Persona for Your Startup

Complete Guide to Creating a Customer Persona for Your Startup

Why do some marketing campaigns succeed and others fail?

One of the most important factors, I believe, is the ability of marketers to put themselves into the shoes of the audience.

Only if you can think like, feel like, and behave like your audience, will you be able to communicate with them effectively.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons you're often told to work on solving your own problems. It's just easier to build and market a product when you know exactly how your target market will react.

But what if you're not solving your own problem? And even if you are, how can you make sure you're always on target with your marketing?

Book authors and screenwriters have figured this out a long time ago. When working on a new character, they often think through every possible detail of that character's life, background and thought process.

Then, as the plot develops, the author can make decisions and evaluate situation through the character's eyes. The questions turn from, for instance,"What would I, Quentin Tarantino, do?" to "What would Django do?"

Got it? Now let's bring this analogy back home!

In marketing, we can also build characters that are highly detailed representations of our audience. We call these characters "customer (or buyer) personas."

Customer personas help us make better business decisions and communicate both efficiently and effectively.

So today we're gonna learn how to develop a customer persona for your startup, and how to use it.

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