There is one singe awesome tip that will make it incredibly easy for you to get into conversations with people you follow (even when there are a lot of them) without reading tons of useless tweets.

I use HootSuite for this, and I think that this is the best tool ever, but if you know some other app that you can use, go for it! On the image below you can see my Home Feed filtered by a keyword. The keyword is a question mark. This filter brings up questions which people that I follow are asking. And if there is a question, you can answer it!

It is this easy: in 2 clicks and 1 character I turned many tweets that I can't work with into a few engageable ones.

Twitter Engagement with HootSuite

Don't get me wrong. I still have fun reading the other tweets, but when I don't have much time, I use this super-simple and super-efficient tip to start engaging is seconds!

What super-tips do you have?

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