Twitter monitoring is definitely one of the most powerful social media tactics out there. This is the best way to easily get feedback, find customers, research competition and start effectively reaching out, engaging and building a community. And there is no doubt that HootSuite is the best tool you can use for Twitter monitoring.

To monitor effectively, HootSuite allows you to save your search queries as streams. Also, as you might have many and many different queries, you can use tabs to combine and divide everything into groups. This allows you to keep track of everything without any mess.

Monitor Twitter with HootSuite

For example, you can create tabs for the mentions of your startup, about your industry, and/or about your competitors. Monitoring Twitter can be really easy or really complex.

So this week, I've decided to share some simpleĀ Twitter monitoring techniques so that you don't have to suffer from information overload. Here are all the posts in this series:

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