This post is a part of the “Twitter Monitoring Series.”

There is no company that people don’t talk about on Twitter. You might not know it yet, but it is most probable that there are at least few tweets that mention your startup if it's been public for a while. If you haven't launched yet, use these tips to build a foundation for the future.

There are 3 great techniques that can help you set up super-effective streams in HootSuite:

  1. Search for your brand name. Search for your company’s name and your co-founders' names. Use Twitter Search Operators such as “OR” to combine different variations of names in one stream.

  2. Search for common misspellings. Sometimes people will misspell your name, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose those tweets. Search for common misspellings to get many more results and combine them into 1 stream to save space. For example, here are 2 different ways to search for Starbucks and 2 different results that you get:

Common Misspellings

Note: Usually, it is not the best idea to correct grammar of the people you don’t know, so I don’t advise you to tell every single person how to spell your brand name correctly. 

  1. Search for you domain name. Sometimes, people won’t write your name but will give a link to your website, and, if your domain name is different from your company’s name, you can search for it too. On the image below, I’ve highlighted 2 tweets that would not have showed up in a regular “hootsuite” search stream:

Search Results

  1. Specify language. Sometimes you might want to see only tweets in English. In this case, add "lang:en" to your search query.

  2. Monitor the customers. Create a list of your customers and a tab with their tweets. See what they are interested in and get into discussions.

Tomorrow I'll talk about monitoring your topic, so don't forget to come by!

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