Continuing the “Twitter Monitoring Series.”

Search for people talking about your topic (e.g. free website builders) and you will find many potential customers that you can approach. You will also be on top of all trends and know what’s happening in your industry.

Let’s use the HootSuite keywords tool to set up a stream for “website builder,” “free cms,” “create website.”

Searching in HootSuite

The problem with this search is that people tweet A LOT about this topic, and it becomes impossible to follow. There are 3 things you can do to deal with information overload

  1. Divide. Instead of using one combined search query, try using 3 separate ones. Here is the stream for “website builder.” Search column in HootSuite

  2. Use question marks. Add a question mark to the query, and you will only see people asking questions. Search for questions in HootSuite

  3. Cut the links. This move will save you from most of the spam, blog posts and other irrelevant tweets. Add “-filter:links” to cut off any messages with links. You can also write “-http” to save space. Filter Links in HootSuite

  4. Use Klout. You can filter your stream by Klout Score to see tweets from influential people. This can help to find high-profile customers or potential clients. Klout filtering in HootSuite Note: not all of your customers are going to have a high Klout Score. The relationship looks like this: the average Klout Score of the customers is as high as geeky the brand/topic is.

This is all for today. Please share your tips in the comments below or/and share this article with your friends, if you liked it! Tomorrow I'll talk about monitoring your competition.

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