The Most Engaging Way to Share Links on Facebook

Photo Credit: Johannes Fuchs

Many businesses shares links on Facebook. It may be promotions or blog posts; other times it's just articles that are relevant to your audience. But there are not that many businesses that have perfected the art of sharing links on the most popular social network in the world.

In this post, I'd like to show you a few simple tricks that you can apply to any link you want to share on Facebook. Just go through this checklist before you hit "Post," and you can turn a rather mediocre update into the most engaging one.

We'll be working with this example:

Sharing Links on Facebook, Step 0

Step 1: Throw away the URL.

When you want to share a link, Facebook does an interesting thing with it. It goes to the linked page, grabs its title, images, and a bit of text, and forms a link preview. This way people can see what to expect before they open that webpage.

But did you know that you no longer need the actual URL in your post? Since people can (and will) use the preview to open the page, you can go ahead and cut out the URL.

Sharing Links on Facebook, Step 1

This way you are no longer duplicating the information, and have saved yourself a few characters for your post.

Step 2: Remove the Title as Well

If you're sharing a link via one of the many social media dashboards, such as HootSuite, you often have the title of the linked page both in the post and in the preview. What for?

Instead of repeating yourself again, remove the title and replace it with something exciting. It could be a question or your own opinion about what you're sharing, or something else interesting.

Sharing Links on Facebook, Step 1

This is the key to engagement because you are no longer simply sharing a link, but inviting your audience to participate in a conversation. This simple change can dramatically increase the number of comments and likes you get.

Step 3: Choose The Perfect Thumbnail

The right thumbnail can make a lot of difference. As with pictures in blog posts, these little images grab attention, differentiate your content and attract clicks. So select the most meaningful one, the one that best describes what you're sharing.

It should be noted that sometimes Facebook doesn't grab any images worth showing, or even no images at all. In this case, you'll have to either go for the next best thing or select "No Thumbnail."

Step 4: Fix the Description

Description is also generated automatically from your link. Sometimes it can include things that shouldn't be there or otherwise misrepresent the link.

Just spend a few seconds fixing the problem. Click on the description to make minor changes or even rewrite it completely. Same goes for the title.

Sharing Links on Facebook, Step 3

BONUS: Other Things to Consider

  • Remove all signs of Twitter hashtags from your post.
  • Tag relevant people/pages in your post by either typing @somebody or clicking the button in the bottom left corner.
  • Select the best time to share. If you share your link in the middle of the night, only few people will see it, let alone engage.
  • Follow up on every comment you receive. Keep the conversation flowing.

The result:

Sharing Links on Facebook, Step 4

That's it! These simple steps have been embraced by many successful brands such as Mashable, Red Bull, WSJ, and others. And if you want your company's Facebook Page to be remarkable, you should implement them too.

Leave a link to your Facebook page in the comments and show everyone how it's done!

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